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For more than half a century Costenoble has been an internationally renowned trading house and a reputable manufacturer of specialty chemicals and chemical additives.  Costenoble’s distinctive “C” stands behind a multitude of solutions for numerous applications in almost all industrial sectors.

Costenoble is a globally networked and locally operating specialist for lubricants, coatings, adhesives and sealants, pigments and further high-quality chemical-technical products.

As a partner of some of the world’s largest chemical companies Costenoble understands how to get the products and services of international corporations to the customer via a medium-sized company structure, always placing primary focus on concrete customer benefits. Providing flexibility, customer proximity, a high-quality and broad portfolio as well as reliability Costenoble has managed to be a steady and competent industrial partner.

The company’s performance orientation includes meeting customer-specific requirements so that concrete tasks develop to individual solutions. In the process Costenoble can always be measured against its principle to individualize quality and to support its customers as a reliable and competent partner.

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H. Costenoble GmbH & Co. KG ist ein weltweit vernetzter, lokal agierender Spezialist für Schmierstoffe, Coatings, Kleb- und Dichtstoffe, Pigmente und weiterer hochwertiger chemisch-technischer Produkte.

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