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Costenoble offers a wide range of products

Costenoble provides a wide variety of product ranges.

The possible uses and applications are just as comprehensive as the assortment. Costenoble products are used in numerous industries. Historically, Costenoble is deeply rooted in several industrial sectors. Others have only been opened up in the last few years.

For decades, Costenoble has proved to be a reliable partner for companies in the automotive business and in mechanical engineering, the two traditionally leading industries in Germany.

This is also the case with the aerospace industries, in medical technology and the area of food processing and packaging, where Costenoble safety and product quality are unparalleled.


Automotive industry

Costenoble, with its high-quality products, is a competent partner of the automotive industry. The striking “C” stands behind a series of the most different applications in all areas of automotive production. It is not just the products, but especially the expert advice and the individual support that has given Costenoble a high reputation in the automotive industry.
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Mechanical engineering and maintenance

Mechanical engineering is, after automotive engineering, the leading industry in Germany. Here again, Costenoble is a capable and reliable partner of the industry – especially due to the proven, decades-long, high-quality of the Molykote™ products.
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Aerospace technology

There is hardly another industrial sector where innovation, quality, reliability and creativity are so important as in the modern aerospace business. And in hardly any other sector of industry are efficient and reliable components of similar elementary importance to be found as here.
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Foodstuff, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

The product variety and demand in the foodstuff industry has never been so great as it is today. From the “corner shop” via the big discounters to the specialities business, efforts are being made to meet the growing demands in terms of quality, availability and price.
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Energy generation and wind turbines

The technology for the exploitation of wind power has developed rapidly in the last few decades. Wind turbines in Europe produce a nominal 180 gigawatts of power at the moment. Wind turbines could potentially cover around 20 % of the total energy requirement in the next few years.
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