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Aerospace Technology2020-02-28T08:13:53+01:00

Products and services for aerospace

There is hardly another industrial sector where innovation, quality, reliability and creativity are so important as in the modern aerospace business. And in hardly any other sector of industry are efficient and reliable components of similar elementary importance to be found as here.

Research and development from more than a century of aviation history down to the smallest detail are to be found in modern aircraft, helicopters, rockets and satellites. Technicians and engineers are carrying out research worldwide with enormous ambition into new concepts and developing solutions for the problems of tomorrow. High-quality products from Costenoble are helping them there. Costenoble is a reliable partner of the aerospace industry, with its years of experience and proven products from concerns such as Chemours™ and Dow Chemical™.

Costenoble provides reliable lubricants and dry coatings for a large number of applications. The products have proven themselves in practice and have appropriate approvals from manufacturers and public authorities. Costenoble has additionally extended its product range with the high-quality series of cleaning, maintenance and care products from the prestigious US manufacturer Zip-Chem®.