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The American company BioBlend® was founded in 2001 and concentrates on the manufacture of biodegradable, high-performance lubricants. Pure vegetable base oils formed the basis of the product range in the first years after the founding of the company. Synthetic esters have been added meanwhile. With a comprehensive range of chemical-technical solutions, BioBlend® is in a position to meet almost all industrial requirements. The further technological development of base oils and complex additives in lubricants will be continuously pursued. Better performance parameters, more sustainability and a more efficient manufacture are paramount.

BioBlend® products are used typically and often in environmentally sensitive areas such as agriculture and forestry as well as freight transport by rail and sea. The regard for environmental protection is however growing in other areas and stimulating the need for environment-friendly lubricants. These are especially in asphalt and road construction, mining and waste management. BioBlend® provides an extensive product range for all these areas, including: biodegradable aerosols, lubricants for compressed air tools; chain, rail and cable lubricants; cutting fluids, high-pressure greases, mould release and gearbox oils, hydraulic fluids, penetrating oils as well as thread and joint compounds.

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Following video shows how BioBlend Lubricants are added to a Cat excavator on a job in Maine. The BioBlend lubricants are renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable and made with the highest quality vegetable oils and additives right here in the US.

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