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OSIXO® PTFE-Dispersions2020-02-28T12:29:31+01:00

OSIXO® PTFE Dispersions

The PTFE dispersions in the OSIXO® series are highly fluorinated PTFE telomeres with a low molecular weight in a solvent. The PTFE molecules (polytetrafluorethylene) as active components have an exceptionally low friction coefficient thus ensuring excellent lubrication and non-stick characteristics.

In addition to the use as dry lubricant and anti-friction agent, they are mainly used as release agents for industrial mould release. The low friction value also makes the OSIXO® PTFE dispersions effective release agents for the mould release of rubber and injection moulding parts and for the manufacture of moulded parts in rotational moulding processes. Furthermore, as additives in liquid formulations, they can provide improvement of the lubrication characteristics or prevent increased dirt adhesion.

Due to the chemical stability of the PTFE molecules, OSIXO® dispersions are resistant to the most common acids and alkalis. Furthermore, the OSIXO® PTFE dispersions are extremely insensitive to changes in temperature and can also be heated above their melting point without any notable decomposition of the products.

The OSIXO® dispersions can also be provided with additives that effectively and sustainably protect against corrosion or improve the surface adhesion even more.