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Molykote™ Anti-Friction-Coating2019-08-27T11:47:36+02:00

The Anti-Friction Coatings in the Molykote™ series are given high priority amongst the lubricants from the DowDuPont™ company. The focus is on load-resistant and reliable anti-friction coatings with MoS2 as solid lubricant. Most of the Molykote™ Anti-Friction Coatings that have been established for decades come from this area. However, products with other solid lubricants are also available in the Molykote® series. Furthermore, some products provide additional additives such as corrosion inhibitors or UV additives.

DowDuPont™ with its Molykote™ Anti-Friction Coatings provides a comprehensive range of high quality gloss paints for many applications.

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