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Zip-Chem® products for aerospace technology

Zip-Chem® is an American company with a long tradition in the aviation industry. Zip-Chem® has a wide product range with numerous approvals and authorisations for military and civil aviation. Zip-Chem® has committed itself to facing the unique challenges of modern avionics with innovative and sophisticated chemical products. An exceptional series of products that meet the highest requirements for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental awareness has emerged from this.

The four product lines are:

The corrosion inhibitors in the Cor-Ban® series have been developed for the high requirements of the aerospace industry. They provide solutions both for large-area application as well as for the protection of the smallest parts. They protect solid components and sensitive cables as well as mechanical and electronic components.

The Aero-Lube® series provides numerous lubricants, from multi-purpose oils to silicone and graphite based products to high quality PTFE lubricants. The special lubricants for aerospace technology are suitable for high temperature applications on the jet engines as well as for low temperature applications on the wings. They provide optimal solutions for the lubrication of highly loaded parts as well as for the treatment of the smallest precision components or the protection of seals.

The Zip-Chem Sur-Prep® products are high quality, universal surface cleaners. They have proven themselves in many years of use all over the world and leave nothing to be desired with respect to cleaning power and efficiency, flammability, VOC Directives and other requirements relevant for safety or the environment.

The products in the Calla® series are proven interior and exterior cleaners for the special requirements for cleaning aircraft. They include cleaners for large areas and the smallest components, glass cleaners and degreasers, dry wash products and polishes. Furthermore, the Calla® series provides disinfectants, odour neutralisers and cleaners approved according to EPA DfE.

Most products have wide-ranging aviation specifications such as AMS, MIL specifications or commercial OEM specifications from, for example, Airbus, ATR, BAE, Bombardier, Boeing, Embraer, Gulfstream, McDonnell Douglas or Sikorsky. The individual product series include both general-purpose products as well as special developments for particular applications.