Costelan C – efficient protection against environmental influences

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Costelan C – efficient protection against environmental influences

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Our new COSTELAN C products consist of a mixture of stable functional fluoric surfactants and solvents especially designed for respective end-use applications. These surfactant additives are surface-active agents allowing for better processing and higher protection against environmental influences caused by sealants, coatings, paints, finishes, cleaning agents and other materials. Furthermore they improve product properties like wetting behavior, surface distribution, foam formation, chemical and thermal stability, surface tension or penetration capability.

They offer:

  • Improved wetting and distribution of cleaning agents and sealants on coated and painted surfaces
  • Flashpoint raising for better fire protection when processing leather and textiles
  • More homogenous distribution and longer processing time for curing products
  • Strong surface protection against abrasion and corrosion

COSTELAN C for coatings and paints, finishes and cleaners reduces the surface tension and provides significant improvement of processing. The highly effective fluoric surfactants act as mediators between single agents and the dispersion medium.

As additives in coatings and paints these surfactant mixtures ensure improved processing through longer curing periods, better wetting behavior and a more homogenous distribution of fresh paints. Studies have shown an “Easy-to-Clean” effect and increased chemical and mechanical stability of the treated surfaces after curing.

Care products like finishes and waxes also exhibit highly enhanced wetting behavior thanks to surfactant additives. They even accentuate the gloss and brilliance of the finishes more intensely.

When used in acid and alkaline cleaners, considerable improvement of wetting behavior, biodegradability and strong reduction of smear formation becomes obvious.

Many of the high-quality COSTELAN C surfactant additives are VOC-free. They procure significant enhancement of the end products and have no negative influence on their performance. They provide manufacturers of cleaners, paints, finishes and coatings with significant advantages over other competitors.

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