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Damaged lawn dampens the joy of golfing2020-04-29T15:24:29+02:00

Damaged lawn dampens the joy of golfing

For the former golf professional Lee Trevino golfing is “the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on”. For the author Mark Twain it was simply “a good walk spoiled”. Anyhow, one thing is certain: Top performances require top conditions, and this applies to golf as well. Thousands of greenkeepers around the world have to see about such conditions and all of them have similar problems concerning the repair of areas damaged by leaked hydraulic oil.

In the event of damage hydraulic oils based on mineral oils can cause even more than environmental pollution. For ground areas being subject to optical demands like soccer fields or golf courses such a damage may have devastating consequences. For example, hydraulic liquids leaking from mowers or during maintenance work can entail dead and brown spots on the lawn. As a result those areas have to be elaborately exchanged to avoid customer dissatisfaction or even an image damage. Anticipating this problem while considering the growing significance of environmental protection and sustainability RSC Bio Solutions has developed biological hydraulic liquids for the golf industry.

The products have been created in cooperation with the American company Jacobsen which produces mowing and lawn maintenance equipment. Jakobsen has specialized in lawn care products for golf course operators and is the only American manufacturer who received the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

Preventing image and environmental damages

When filling hydraulic components it may happen that liquid is spilled or at worst leaks out. 70 to 80% of liquid leakage is due to hose rupture, installation faults, leaks and spilling. Every professional dealing with hydraulic devices is very aware of this problem. Hydraulic liquids which are based on mineral oils are toxic and bioaccumulative and can harm the environment for a long time. They are a safety risk for plants, animals, water and humans and require specific methods of disposal. A leakage of mineral oil-based hydraulic liquids can make the lawn completely unusable.

Nowadays course operators not only like to present an optimal appearance of their courses for image reasons, but they also have to fulfill the increased expectations their players have towards environmental friendliness and sustainability. Therefore it is a logical consequence that they completely do without any non-biodegradable auxiliary agents for lawn care. And it is necessary.

Biodegradable hydraulic oils are the solution

Jacobsen and RSC Bio Solutions have jointly developed an alternative to mineral oil-based lubricants. These easily biodegradable hydraulic liquids meet the BioPreferred requirements of the USDA. Tests have shown that they are biologically decomposed by more than 60% within 28 days under laboratory conditions (according to ASTM D7373). Due to splitting into water and carbon dioxide these hydraulic liquids allow for a quick self-regeneration of the lawn in case of damage. Moreover, there is no risk of potential damage of the equipment, as the liquids are compatible with all sealants and elastomers.

They also procure longer exchange intervals thus lowering costs and maintenance frequency. For more than 10 years the products used by Jacobsen have proven their value in real applications on golf courses throughout America.

„Extensive tests by our product and design teams together with the suppliers of hydraulic components have shown that the use of biodegradable oil ensures the reliability of the Jacobsen lawn care equipment”, says Klasie Baard, the Jacobsen sales training manager. “We have made it our business to manufacture and deliver each component of the Jacobsen lawn care equipment with easily biodegradable oil – for the benefit of our customers.”

All in all, these products do perform at least as good as common hydraulic liquids based on mineral, but the risks of long-term lawn damages and environmental pollution cease to exist.

Nature, man and companies benefit

The use of these products has had consistently positive results on the golf courses throughout the country. They are a safe and socially responsible alternative to products based on mineral oil. In addition to support for sustainability also maintenance costs for golf courses can be reduced.

„In case of a defect anyone who is lucky enough to have used biodegradable oil for his equipment, will notice that the soil is considerably less damaged and regenerates much more rapidly. However, someone who has applied common hydraulic oil based on mineral oil, instead, is only too well aware of the amount of work, resources and costs it takes for the regeneration, the renewal of the surface or sometimes even a complete restructuring,” says Klasie Baard.

The hydraulic oils that RSC Bio Solutions manufactured for Jakobsen provide more than simply the same performance as common hydraulic liquids based on mineral oil: They prevent the risks of long-term lawn damages and durable environmental pollution. And if, according to the former professional golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez, golf is “a game of continuous emergencies”, this should not apply to the lawn on which the game is played.

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