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New functional PFPE with trimethoxysilane end group2020-05-15T11:51:41+02:00
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New functional PFPE with trimethoxysilane end group

OSIXO® Glass Protection - Funktionelle PFPE zur Verbesserung von Glasoberflächen

Costenoble has extended its series of functional PFPE. Two new products of the OSIXO® Glass Protection series offer extensive possibilities to permanently protect glass surfaces. They provide higher water and oil resistance, lower friction resistance and improve anti-adhesive properties. The OSIXO® Glass protection products make the treated glass more resistant to weather effects, chemicals and solvents.

Functional PFPE revolutionize the scope of application of glass in all highly stressed areas. They enhance the look and feel of touchpanels, displays and glass covers, improve optical lenses and make glass and metal housings nicer and easier to clean.

Costenoble is a close business partner of companies and research institutions and has been dealing with functional PFPE for a long time. The result is a series of products which are able to fulfill almost all requirements.

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