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Product overview

Costenoble provides numerous products for a large variety of industrial segments.

The Costenoble company started originally with the sale of industrial effect pigments, special lubricants and PTFE-based coatings. That is why the emphasis in the present-day product portfolio still lies in this area. Innovative and new products have however in the past decades also meaningfully extended and supplemented the Costenoble product range. On the following pages you will find an overview of the products and services provided by Costenoble.

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Industrial lubricants:

The main function of lubricants is to keep friction surfaces separate from each other. The formation of a lubricant film prevents direct material contact between the frictional partner surfaces.
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Special lubricants:

Special lubricants satisfy exceptional requirements to a very great extent. Their main focus lies on special applications at the limits of their capacity.
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Coatings are lubricants that are applied to a surface as a coating. They form firmly adhering dry lubrication films there with high effectiveness. They consist of solid lubricants, binders and solvents.
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Adhesives and sealants:

The first evidence of adhesive applications goes back about 45,000 years. “Gluing” of components is therefore one of the oldest as well as one of the most modern joining technologies.
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Functional additives:

Functional additives are auxiliary or additive substances in a manufacturing process. They influence specific characteristics of the end product by giving new product characteristics and supporting, suppressing or regulating existing ones.
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Our colour perception arises from the scattering and reflection of certain parts of the incident light on a surface. This perception can be changed by the use of various pigments.
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PFPE - functional fluids

Functional fluids:

Functional fluids are used to coat smooth surfaces such as glass or stainless steel. There they give the surface a better slippage and are repellent to water and dirt.
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Consumer products:

The COSTELAN series provides an extensive range of high quality maintenance and care products for motor vehicles, camping, water sports, leisure and outdoor activities. They include both impregnating agents, cleaners and care products as well as products for maintenance and repair.
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