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Company, Environment and Social Issues2020-03-31T11:02:41+02:00

Basis for success: Responsibility for mankind and environment

Environmental protection is an essential component in technical progress today. This was always the case at Costenoble. From production to product application, Costenoble commits itself to a responsible action towards our environment. Products and their components are carefully selected and give priority to environmentally compatible or biodegradable raw materials. When manufacturing its own products, Costenoble attaches importance to economical handling of raw materials and to an environmentally compatible production. Partner companies and suppliers are obliged in the same measure to keep to sustainable production, filling and packaging.

Social considerations are a constant companion, in addition to protecting the environment and the careful handling of natural resources. Costenoble has been working together with responsible social institutions for several years now. For example, regional workshops for the disabled are permanently integrated into the production and distribution processes at Costenoble.

A future-conscious Costenoble is therefore researching solutions for the problems of today, taking into account the responsibility for tomorrow.

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