Worldwide – on the doorstep: Short paths to a long success

From regional sales of petrochemical additives to a globally active recognised player in the production process of many products and goods – this would be a way of describing the history of the Costenoble company. And this history is also mirrored, last but not least, in the sales structure.

A wide distribution network has arisen over the years in close relationships with partner companies worldwide and through the connection with the DGE. Costenoble today is in a position, together with regional branch offices in many European countries, to ensure the known and reliable flexibility – also in logistical terms. It was always important here to keep close to regional occurrences, be present locally via contact partners and so provide an individual service.

The modern, customer-oriented service concept that Costenoble advocates also includes, last but not least, the areas that go beyond pure manufacture and product sales. An optimum, frugal and thus environmentally sound handling of products and goods also makes optimum and solicitous logistics necessary. A natural part of the daily work for Costenoble.


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