Sustainability at Costenoble

Costenoble is committed to sustainable action and has already implemented numerous measures accordingly. In the coming years, sustainability will become the defining maxim of our corporate development.

From the founding years of Costenoble, through the period of the economic miracle, to the economic policy of “smoking chimneys” in the sixties and seventies of the last century, our economy experienced a boom that was at the expense of the environment and natural resources. Only slowly it was realized that growth is not possible without limits and should take place in harmony with nature. Starting with climate and environmental researchers, this knowledge made its way into companies and politics.

Sustainability is raising awareness

The Commission on Environment and Development set up by the United Nations in 1983 played a major role in making the concept of sustainability well-known. In the final report of this commission, the concept of “sustainable development” was formulated. It describes that economic development is also achievable in a sustainable manner and will be necessary in the future.

Basically, all those involved agree that today’s growth must not be achieved at the expense of tomorrow’s people. Future generations must not be restricted in their scope for action by our present economic activities. Sustainability must be a central parameter in maintaining our economic performance.

Sustainability in all areas of life and work

The requirement of sustainable behavior directly or indirectly concerns almost all areas of daily (work) life. In economic processes, the use of raw materials should be minimized. Waste should be avoided whenever possible and recyclable materials recovered wherever applicable. But it is not only measures in the manufacturing process itself that are necessary to meet the ambitious climate targets. All operating processes must be subject to the maxim of sustainable behavior. After all, the CO2 footprint leaves its traces not only on the factory floor.

Commitment beyond legal requirements

Costenoble is committed to sustainable action and has already implemented a number of appropriate measures. To reduce CO2 emissions, we rely on energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources. Our production processes are optimized to minimize resource consumption and avoid waste. Product packaging and shipping equipment are – as far as possible – made from recycled materials.

The area of corporate and personnel planning is also being designed sustainably. Our production and storage hall, which is currently under construction, is being built according to the latest energy technology, and the workplaces in our office building are designed to be resource-saving.

Our goal is not only to implement sustainable solutions in our company, but also to encourage our customers and business partners to adopt sustainable practices. Only together we can have a positive influence on our environment and create a more sustainable future.

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