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The “Squeak-and-Rattle” problem

Due to the vibrations in the vehicle, friction noises occur between the different components and individual parts. These unwanted squeaking and rattling noises are however not a characteristic of inferior quality or defective processing. Instead, the acoustic requirements for the quality of the vehicles has increased.

Motor vehicles in recent years have become increasingly more comfortable and mainly quieter. Due to the increasingly better insulated interfering noises such as engine and rolling noises, the noises in the vehicle interior are perceived more than ever before. Although little attention was paid previously to the “squeaking and rattling” in the vehicle, today the elimination of these interfering noises is an important factor with regard to the quality and to the image of the manufacturer.

Interfering noises in the vehicle interior

Interfering noises arise from the relative movement of two components at their point of contact. Vibrations are produced during driving which set the various components in different oscillation modes. These depend on the design of the components and the materials used. The noises produced from this friction are perceived as unpleasant and interfering by the occupants of the vehicle.

Diverse solutions for a multifaceted problem

Interfering noises arise from friction of two components with different movements at their points of contact. There are only two serious possibilities for the effective prevention of these noises: The prevention of any contact by a larger gap dimension or the reduction of the friction resistance by surface treatment. While the first possibility is subject to numerous optical or functional reservations, the coating of the relevant surface does not have optical, haptic, technical, qualitative or quantitative limitations. Coatings can also be used in every production phase and are also suitable for the finishing.

OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK Series: Effective noise reduction

The products in the OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK series are based on high quality PFPE oils. They effectively and sustainably prevent interfering noises on almost all materials. The oils, greases and aerosols in the OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK series have temperature stability, are not flammable and do not attack the treated materials. Due to their chemical inertia, they are compatible with almost all plastics, metals and rubber blends. They are colourless and odourless and do not evaporate even at high temperatures.

The high quality OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK products can be processed very easily and safely and are insoluble in most solvents. Due to being colourless and odourless, they are predestined for use in visible areas.

Unique characteristics for numerous applications

The product characteristics of the OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK products are based on the particular chemical structure of the PFPE used. It consists of a shielded polymer chain, i.e. the molecule chain is completely saturated and only initiates chemical reactions with great difficulty.
The PTFE used for the manufacture of the OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK greases has a very small particle size. As a result, the desired consistency of the greases can be achieved with a relatively small amount of PTFE. The low thickener content in the grease ensures outstanding lubricating performance and a very long service life of the greases. The use of any of the products in the OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK series is probably one of the most reliable, cost-effective, cleanest and easiest methods to permanently eliminate interfering noises in the vehicle interior. OSIXO® ANTI-SQUEAK products are used by almost all German automotive manufacturers. In recent years, the products have proven themselves in numerous applications under diverse circumstances.