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Molykote® Lubricants from DuPont™2020-01-21T15:25:22+01:00

Molykote® Lubricants from DuPont™

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Molykote® lubricants have a very long tradition in the industry. They have been resolving numerous taxing challenges worldwide since 1948. The series of Molykote® lubricants from DuPont™ reliably reduce friction and wear, extend the lubrication intervals and reduce the maintenance costs. The savings result from the extended lifetime of machinery and the optimised lubricant requirement. Molykote® lubricants are suitable both for use under the usual industrial conditions and for high loadings such as extreme temperatures and velocities as well as in dirty, dusty or chemically contaminated environments. The decade-long success of Molykote® lubricants is based an enormous wealth of experience in almost all areas of industry and the reliable performance of the products.

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The brochures in English are currently being revised. Until completion you can access the corresponding German version below:

> Overall Brochure in German

> Molykote™ General Brochure in German

> Molykote™ G-1056 and G-1057 Flyers in German

> Molykote™ Boric Acid-free Compounds Flyer in German