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Adhesives and sealants2020-02-28T10:40:44+01:00

Adhesives and sealants

The first evidence of adhesive applications goes back about 45,000 years. With the increased use of modern adhesive technologies in the industry of today, the “gluing” of components is both one of the oldest and one of the most modern joining technologies.

In contrast to other joining methods, such as screwing or riveting, an area bonding occurs in adhesion. This distributes the load over a larger area and prevents local overloading of the components. In addition, bonding makes more material combinations possible than with mechanical joining methods.

The use of adhesives causes no mechanical or thermal damage to the components to be joined. Adhesives also ensure weight saving and can be adapted flexibly to the production process. In addition, they provide in some applications an additional sealing and do not generate any visual/aesthetic impairments of the workpieces.

A basic difference is drawn between two bonding methods for adhesives. The physically setting adhesives function by mechanical or thermal influence of the adhesive or of the components to be joined. The second bonding method includes the chemically setting adhesives.

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