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Functional additives and solvents2020-02-28T10:39:57+01:00

Functional additives and solvents

Functional additives are auxiliary or additive substances and are added in during the manufacturing process. They influence specific characteristics of the end product by giving new product characteristics and supporting, suppressing or regulating existing ones.

A distinction is made between functional additives that act on and change existing characteristics of the end product and those that give the product additional and new characteristics. For example, anti-static additives are used for the draw moulding of aluminium parts to prevent static charging of the material. Corrosion inhibition additives are one example of functional additives that give a new characteristic to the end product. These can be added to paints or lubricants for protection against rust formation. In contrast, dispergents for heating oils both suppress as well as regulate by preventing sludge formation and providing better and more effective combustion at the same time.

Functional additives, like the solvents from the Costenoble company are first-class auxiliary and additive substances that are manufactured and selected in accordance with strict quality requirements.

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