Gaming keyboards brought to a new level

Krytox optimizes keyboards for gamers and programmers

CandyKeys sells high-grade mechanical keyboards of leading manufacturers and extensive accessories. As of this year the portfolio of the Munich company also includes Krytox. This top-quality grease provided by Chemour™ has built up a reputation for itself in the gaming and programming community.

Krytox lowers the frictional resistance of the keys and provides a significantly softer keystroke. It reduces the effort to press the key down to the stop position and has positive effects on the stroking motion giving those premium mechanical keyboards a better feel. In addition the keys can be operated much more smoothly.

With ten fingers to the virtual space

Input devices are most often the only physical connection to the digital world of computer games and their quality has influence on the gaming experience. For programmers as well keyboards are more than simple working tools. Occasional users may hardly notice any difference between the keyboards of different manufacturers, whereas people, who spend many hours a day using the computer keyboard for programming, writing and playing, develop a good sense for the feel and the “tactile feedback” of the keys. Most times there quickly ensue particular preferences and requirements regarding the keyboard from that.

CandyKeys – the specialist for premium keyboards

The young company CandyKeys was founded in 2016 and helps successfully to meet those high demands. In addition to high-quality mechanical keyboards CandyKeys also provides different components like key caps, switches and circuit boards. The portfolio includes over 750 different products from more than 11 countries.

Krytox™: From the Apollo program to the virtual outer space

Today Krytox helps gamers to navigate in the virtual outer space of the computer games of the 21st century. Around 50 years ago it was part of one of the most famous space projects in the history of mankind: The Apollo program of the NASA. Since then Krytox has been applied in almost all demanding industry sectors. One of the main applications is the prevention of squeaking and creaking noises in the vehicle interior. The outstanding Krytox properties like high compatibility with almost all materials, low volatility and very long service life have evoked high reputation in this branch.

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