Comfort vs. costs with aerosol cans

“Construction kit” for aerosol cans saves costs and solves transport problems

Aerosol cans are an optimal packaging form. The material can be applied easily, cleanly and safely in the desired quantity. Problems only occur during transport. Also in terms of ecobalance spray cans do not score very well. What is more, the costs for the pure ingredient are much higher than for an open packaging form.

Demand for aerosol cans is increasing

Nevertheless, aerosol cans are enjoying more and more popularity. No matter whether for private use or industrial applications: The demand for compact and handy spray cans is growing. Costenoble has addressed itself to the task to view that popularity with the necessary ecological and economical foresight.

Economically friendly propellants and the “modular principle”

At present Costenoble is intensively researching on alternative solvents and propellants for its popular aerosol products. Another way we go together with the tool manufacturer Hazet who developed a refillable aerosol can applying compressed air as a propellant. This solution does not only dispel ecological concerns but also solves the problem of laborious and expensive transports of compressed gas packages. The unfilled can is dispatched together with the ingredient and only needs to be filled with compressed air on site.

Further information on the refillable aerosol can and the possibilities to process Costenoble’s high-quality special oils with it you can obtain from your local contact. Please contact us here.

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