In for the win: Costenoble supports Scuderia Mensa

Team foto Scuderia Mensa

The Scuderia Mensa is the racing team of the RheinMain university.

Founded in 2006 the team designs and builds a new racing car every year and has already 12 times successfully participated in racing competitions. Around 50 students get involved with the development, construction and improvement of the car nearly organized like in real company structures. They work closely together in six different departments to achieve the best possible result at the Formula Student.

Formula Student: Competition of future academics

The Formula Student is a worldwide design competition in which student racing teams from universities and colleges participate with racing cars designed and constructed by themselves. In the Formula Student Germany alone up to 120 racing teams compete against each other. In addition to the classical racing disciplines like acceleration or lap times also the efficiency of the vehicles is evaluated. Business plans and models for the marketing of the racing cars are likewise included in the evaluation as well as the design, construction, idea and validation of the vehicle components.

Cooperation with Costenoble

As a specialist for lubrication technology and coatings Costenoble supports the ambitious team with high-quality products and know-how. The applied products include Tectyl™ from Valvoline™ and Krytox™ from Chemours™ as well as inhouse product developments of the OSIXO® series. The focus here is not only placed on the mere performance but also on the sustainability, environmental compatibility and the efficient use of the products. Providing tips and tricks relating to products and applications Costenoble assists Scuderia Mensa in almost all German racing series with its decade-long experience.

E-athlete will face up to competition in two races in 2021

This year two races are planned for late summer. Here the electrically operated Bolide “SPR21e” will face up to tough competition from all over Europe. After one year of racing abstinence the students would be happy, if a competition on the circuit could take place again at all.

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