igus GmbH relies on Tectyl™ for corrosion protection

igus GmbH relies on Tectyl™ 300G Clear E for corrosion protection

Tectyl™ 300G Clear E as corrosion protection for bearings

In its latest blog entry, igus GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic bearings, recommends Tectyl™ 300G Clear E as corrosion protection for bearings. The technical article examines the influence of corrosion protection on the press fit of bearing bushings. Inadequate fixing in the bearing position is one of the most frequent causes of the premature failure of machines and equipment, along with the selection of an incorrect bearing.

Rust protection influences the press fit of the bearings

Against this background, corrosion inhibitors play a critical role. Choosing the wrong rust protection can worsen the press fit and cause the bushing to move in the locating hole. In the worst case, this leads to massive damage to the bearing and consequently to the machine itself.

Tectyl™ 300G Clear E protects and improves performance

Choosing a suitable rust inhibitor, on the other hand, can actually improve the press fit of the bearing. Tests with iglidur® G sockets have shown that the use of Tectyl™ 300G Clear E increases the original pressure resistance to over 240%. The corrosion inhibitor thus has a positive influence on the performance of the bearing. Based on these test results, igus clearly advocates to its customers the use of Tectyl™ 300G Clear E to protect its bearings.

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