Vacuum pump in meat production: JAX COMPRESYN® 545 reduces temperature and costs

Vacuum pumps run longer and with less wear thanks to JAX COMPRESYN® 545.

The owner of a large Swiss butchery plant operates a number of vacuum pumps of a big German manufacturer. These pumps run in continuous operation and have a fixed relubrication interval, as part of the oil used evaporates regularly due to the pump’s operating temperature.

Detailed analysis reveals weak points

In order to extend the relubrication interval and reduce both lubricating oil and equipment downtime required for relubrication, two key factors were identified:

– Changeover to a compressor oil with low evaporation rate

– Decrease of the pump’s operating temperature

The solution: JAX COMPRESYN® 545

Both performance-limiting factors could significantly be improved by the changeover to JAX COMPRESYN® 545. The average operating temperature was decreased by 12.5 °C. After a first analysis of the oil and the system a considerable reduction of wear of the mechanic components was also noticed.

Vacuum pump before conversion to JAX COMPRESYN® 545.
Vacuum pump after conversion to JAX COMPRESYN® 545.

Complete success: Downtimes six-fold reduced

Due to the use of JAX COMPRESYN® 545 a significant extension of the relubrication interval was achieved. Formerly the pump had to be shut down for maintenance after around 1,300 operating hours, but thanks to JAX COMPRESYN® 545 it now runs for more than 8,300 operating hours without interruption. This means that the operating time has been increased six-fold. This ensures longer maintenance intervals, lower oil requirements and significantly less downtime.

JAX COMPRESYN® 545: Modern, hybrid all-rounder

JAX COMPRESYN® 545 Series certified H1 lubricants are used as compressor oils and vacuum pump fluids. These patented high-performance lubricants are suitable for use in a wide range of air compressor and vacuum pump equipment. They provide convincing properties including low volatility, improved water demulsibility and high hydrolytic stability. JAX COMPRESYN® 545 has a very good sealing effect, reduces friction and provides lasting and effective protection against wear. It has excellent dispersing properties and prevents the formation of deposits.

JAX COMPRESYN® 545 uses an alkylated synthetic base fluid, outperforming conventional synthetic base fluids such as polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and esters.

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