OSIXO® Solvent products are environmentally friendly solvents with specific properties. The cleaning and carrier agents of the OSIXO® Solvent Series are based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) They have no ODP (ozone depletion potential) and a very low GWP (global warming potential).
Blogartikel: OSIXO® Solvent are high quality solvents with very low GWP. The products are up to date and help to reduce the climate impact.
OSIXO® Solvent

The OSIXO® Solvent brand combines extraordinary performance with high material compatibility.

The non-flammable, chemically and thermally stable OSIXO® Solvent products are characterized by:

> a low boiling point

> low vaporization heat

> excellent solvent retention

> low surface tension

> low viscosity

> low toxicity


  • ENVIRONMENT: Due to their non-existent ozone depletion and low global warming potential the products of the OSIXO® Solvent series are particularly suitable for cleaning or the manufacture of chemical products.
  • SAFETY AND HANDLING: OSIXO® Solvent products are safe to use and handle. Only general safety precautions need to be observed.
  • FLAMMABILITY/DECOMPOSITION: Most OSIXO® Solvent products have not shown any flash point in test procedures. However, when used as a carrier material in aerosols, they may develop low vapour flammability in the air.
  • HEALTH: OSIXO® Solvent products show little inhalation toxicity and pose a low health risk when airborne exposure remains below defined limit values. All mixtures have an appropriate exposure limit (AEL) of > 100.

OSIXO® Solvent for the chemical industry


OSIXO® Solvent products are compatible with a wide range of metals, plastics and elastomers and can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Carrier fluids
  • Cooling and refrigerating agents
  • Test and analysis fluids
  • Precision cleaning agents
  • Aids to dry surfaces and components
  • Heat transfer


OSIXO® Solvent for aerospace.

In the AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, OSIXO® Solvent products serve for cleaning purposes. They also prevent undetected water inclusions and are used for the maintenance of oxygen systems and electronics. Furthermore, they are applied as degreasers and as heat transfer fluids.

OSIXO® Solvent for jewelry and watches.

OSIXO® solvent products are used as cleaning agents in the manufacture of high-quality JEWELRY, WATCHES and goods of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Unlike water-based products, they do not leave any stains.

OSIXO® Solvent for trains.

OSIXO® solvent products are used as coolants in the drive modules of modern high-speed trains. Here they ensure efficient and rapid cooling of the aggregates.

OSIXO® Solvent for the automotive industry.

OSIXO® Solvent products can also be found in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. They are applied for the precision cleaning of critical parts for fuel injection, ABS brakes, compressors, relays, sensors and switches. In addition, they are employed as carrier fluids for coatings on interior components.

OSIXO® Solvent for the pharmaceutical industry.

OSIXO® solvent products are used in many areas of the MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. They are applied to clean components and devices. In addition, they serve as carrier fluids and for surface treatment for further processing.

OSIXO® Solvent for the optical industry.

In the OPTICAL INDUSTRY, OSIXO® Solvent products are used in the manufacture of optical components, lens production or in the production of flat screens. OSIXO® Solvent ensures that there will be no stains or residues on the optical parts, components and displays.

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