Lubricants for light-coloured car interiors: Brave new world of problems

Demands on automobiles are developing just as quickly as mobility itself. Comfort, aesthetics, visual and acoustic features are meanwhile significant indicators of the perception of quality.

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Lubricants for light-coloured car interiors

Everything bright, wide and fluent

Nowadays car interiors are designed increasingly brighter to give the drivers a feeling of spaciousness and purity. Likewise, all components must flow into each other and no interruptions may disturb the clean lines.

For the technicians of the supplying component manufacturers this means: less gap dimension with more sensitive materials and thus a higher risk of developing squeaks and creaks with reduced choice of lubricants to remedy them, because easily migrating or coloured lubricants and coatings are no alternatives. The risk of soiling a visually sensitive part of the vehicle interior is too high.

New mobility: Everything clean, safe and silent

Not only since electric vehicles have become widely established, driving noises in the interior have more and more decreased. Even before the “E-era” started, improved engine sealing and tyres with less rolling noise have already reduced the noise level in the vehicle. Electric vehicles, however, take this development to quite a new level. The elimination of engine noise and narrower tyres with less rolling resistance make noise inside the vehicle more noticeable.

Increased requirements with reduced solution options

The current design trends relating to vehicle interiors limit the choice of lubricants or coatings for sustainable and efficient elimination of disturbing noise inside the car. Suitable products must be colourless and may not migrate in order to prevent soiling the sensitive light-coloured materials. They must also be compatible with more and more of the various materials used. In the end, however, they must above all do one thing: effectively and sustainably prevent disturbing noise.

OSIXO® lubricants with a broad performance range

OSIXO® products to prevent squeaking and creaking solve all problems mentioned. They have been successfully ensuring peace and quiet in the vehicle for years. These colour- and odourless lubricants are silicone-free and do not migrate. They are chemically inert and do not react with nearly any plastics or elastomers. OSIXO® products possess numerous approvals and have been well-known and proven in the automobile industry for years.

Learn more about our OSIXO® series products, for example:

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