Costenoble and Walther Systemtechnik: Bundled competence for best possible applications

Costenoble further expanded its years-long partnership with the Palatinate-based company. Walther Systemtechnik is a manufacturer of components, systems and equipment for conveying, dosing and applying liquid and pasty media.
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United in partnership and bound by friendship

Costenoble and Walther have established a long-standing partnership for the benefit of their customers, providing them with a high level of expertise in lubricants and their application and dosing. The contact that has grown over the years, as well as the constant and lively exchange, have created a relationship that goes beyond a purely professional partnership.

Trust in experience and competence

Application sample
Application sample

Joint projects and positive feedback from mutual recommendations have strengthened the trust in the other partner on both sides. We can therefore recommend Walther Systemtechnik metering systems and application solutions to our customers with best conscience. The employees of the traditional company from Germersheim also know that they can rely on the competence and experience of Costenoble.

High-performance products need application processes at the highest level

The success of a lubricant in an application does not always depend on its quality alone. Appropriate storing, environmental and applicational conditions are also important factors. In the past, our experience with Walther application systems has been exclusively positive. The metering systems meet the high qualitative demands we have for the optimal processing of our products.

Dosing system in use
Dosing system in use

We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities of applying our products by dosing systems from Walther Systemtechnik.

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