Costenoble Moves into New Built Distribution Centre in August

New Location in Wallau Bundels and Expands Logistics Capacities

After almost one and a half years of construction, the time has come: Our new logistics centre in Wallau will be ready for occupancy on August 15, 2024.

Located on a property of around 4,000 m² this central distribution site provides space for the bottling, storing and shipping of our high-quality products and for the entire logistics management. The two-story building also includes modern and well-equipped office rooms. In addition to the installation of several charging stations for electric cars and photovoltaic systems for energy generation, which cover the entire roof area, particular attention was paid to sustainability and energy efficiency during the planning and construction of the building.

“Bundling and expanding our warehouse and shipping capacities is the logical next step in the course of the company’s growth and the constant expansion of our product portfolio in recent years. In this way, we are increasing the efficiency of our logistics processes, remaining independent and, with the additional location, we see ourselves optimally positioned for the future,” explains Dennis Claas-Kleine, Managing Director of H. Costenoble GmbH & Co KG.

For customers, suppliers and service providers only the delivery address will change. Please adjust your documents and systems accordingly:

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 3, 65719 Hofheim-Wallau

Please also note the following important information:

Goods shipped to the old location at Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 18, 65760 Eschborn must arrive there no later than August 14, 2024.

From August 15-23, 2024, no goods will be received or shipped (at either location).

On August 26, 2024, the shipment of goods from Wallau will start. Goods receipt is then fully guaranteed there again, too.

The current office premises at Frankfurter Str. 63-69 in Eschborn will remain in place. Also the official company headquarters continue to stay here.

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