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Right from the start, Costenoble has endeavoured to also adapt progress in the development of industrial products for the end consumer. In recent years, Costenoble with the COSTELAN series has compiled a product series for the care and maintenance of caravans, boats, cars and bicycles.

COSTELAN Maintenance and Care Products

The COSTELAN series provides an extensive range of high quality maintenance and care products for motor vehicles, camping, water sports, leisure and outdoors. It includes both impregnators, cleaners and care products as well as products for maintenance and repair. The COSTELAN series is based on products that have already been successful for many years in all leisure areas and are in use in industrial segments. Supplemented with innovative and proven products from partner companies, we have compiled a product range that people like yourself look for. The high-quality care products in the COSTELAN series have been specially developed for the care of motorhomes and caravans, cars and motorcycles, sailing boats and motor yachts, bicycles and motor scooters, tents and clothing. Due to constant further development or the integration of new products, we continuously adapt the product range to the needs of our customers.


COSTELAN Acrylic Glass Cleaner
Effective special cleaner for acrylic glass panes.
500 ml spray can

COSTELAN Cotton Fabric Impregnation Concentrate
Water-based special impregnator for cotton fabrics.
1 litre PE bottle

COSTELAN Bio-Cleaner Concentrate
Biologically degradable general-purpose cleaner with high cleaning power. Manufactured without NTA and other carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic additives. Degrades 100% within 48 hours.
1 litre PE bottle

COSTELAN C6 Plus Impregnation Spray
Water-based impregnation spray. Functions with pure compressed air – manufactured without propellants. Anti-bacterial action and is free of critical fluorine compounds.
400 ml aerosol

COSTELAN Caravan Elixir Caravan Cleaner
The classic: Biologically degradable caravan cleaner for effective removal of rain streaks, dirt and bird droppings. Further development of the well-known Rain Streaks Ex.
1 litre and 2.5 litres PE bottle

COSTELAN Costelin Universal Impregnator
Solvent-based universal impregnator for almost all fabrics. Very effective due to very good wetting. Suitable for industrial application.
5 litres and 20 litres PE canister

COSTELAN Seam Sealer
Permanent sealing of seams and thread feed-throughs. In practice, brush can with integrated application brush in the closure cap.
100 ml WB brush can

COSTELAN Lotus Spray (formerly Nylon and PU Impregnator)
Special impregnator for Nylon and PU materials.
500 ml aerosol

COSTELAN Synthetic Fabrics Impregnation Concentrate
Special impregnator for synthetic fabrics.
1 litre PE bottle

Detergent additive for functional textiles. Maintains the breathing activity of the treated materials.
250 ml PE bottle

COSTELAN Tent Care Cleaner
Mild cleaning / care combination with high material compatibility.
1 litre PE bottle

COSTELAN Tent Cleaner
Breathable, mould-resistant and impregnating cleaner for tents, awnings and similar.
300 ml WB can

COSTELAN ZipFit Tear Closure and Drawing-in Spray
Proven tear closure and drawing-in spray for camping, caravans, cars, boats and household. Also suitable for care of plastic and rubber. Manufactured using high quality Molykote® functional oils from Dow Corning.
150 ml aerosol

The products in the COSTELAN series are exclusively distributed using wholesalers.
The following wholesalers (in alphabetical order) are currently dealing with products from the COSTELAN series:

Frankana Caravan und Freizeit GmbH

Movera GmbH

OSIXO24 SpeedUpWax

OSIXO24 Online Shop

OSIXO 24 is the high-speed wax established for decades with original DuPontTM DryFilm®. The OSIXO 24 racing wax is a balanced composition of a stable wax structure with high adhesion and high-quality PTFE particles with best possible anti-friction characteristics. The exceptional structure of the base wax used and the fine matching of the components provide clear optimisation of speed and anti-friction behaviour.

Do you know the different types of snow? Neither does OSIXO 24!

OSIXO 24 shows its particular strength during change in the snow consistency. The influence of the snow quality on the speed is clearly minimised here. As a result, OSIXO24 provides even and smooth sliding behaviour of the ski. OSIXO 24 is the direct way to speed. Improved sliding behaviour ensures significantly more speed. The balance wax composition enables smooth transitions for the change of the snow quality. The handy form and the easy application ensure clean, easy and quick application of the racing wax.

OSIXO 24 focuses on speed – also for the application!

Wax your ski where you want to! With OSIXO 24, you are not tied to any bulky equipment, no multiple stage pre-treatment, main treatment and post-treatment and not to any long drying times. The handy tube fits in any ski suit and gives you the freedom to wax your ski whenever and wherever you want. Easily apply, polish and enjoy the increase in performance of this exceptional ski wax. Due to its particular adhesion and compatibility, you can also use OSIXO 24 as pure finishing paste on the already waxed ski.

OSIXO 24 – a lasting experience

The components of the high-quality racing way are all designed to withstand high loads in extreme situations. Impact strength, high adhesion and abrasion resistance, particularly at the edge areas, as well as resistance to water and dirt create enduring pleasure.


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