OSIXO® AS 700 GR is setting the course

OSIXO® AS 700 GR is setting the course for reliability and efficiency

The entire railway network in Germany has a length of nearly 40,000 km and rail traffic has grown by around 40 % during the past two decades. Maintenance and servicing incur enormous costs and the high traffic volume enforces extended maintenance intervals and shortened maintenance work to prevent delays.

Especially switches require high maintenance effort and are easily prone to failure, if a wrong lubricant is applied.

Interlocking systems are subject to extraordinary requirements. They are permanently exposed to weather conditions, have to resist enormous pressure loads, get in contact with aggressive materials like Diesel and suffer from corrosion and wear.

OSIXO® AS 700 GR has proved suitable for the treatment of sliding surfaces in interlocking systems. This weather-resistant and chemically inert product considerably reduces the friction resistance and can be applied in thin layers with high efficiency. It withstands high pressure loads, possesses emergency running characteristics and performs reliably at temperature ranges from -30° C to 120° C.

As a very user-friendly aerosol this material provides safe and simple application to reduce maintenance time. The product’s excellent properties allow for extended maintenance intervals and a significant decrease of susceptibility to failure.W3NoYXJpZmZd

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