Product growth in the Costenoble family: Bio-hydraulic oils from RSC Bio Solutions

Product growth in the Costenoble family: Bio-hydraulic oils from RSC Bio Solutions

Costenoble is closing a gap in its range of biodegradable products with products from RSC Bio Solutions. RSC Bio Solutions is one of the leading North American manufacturers of environment-friendly PAO-based lubricants and additives.

The same performance with better environmental compatibility

Easily biodegradable hydraulic oils from RSC are not only ecologically one step ahead of conventional hydraulic oils based on mineral oil. Many product properties are even significantly better. They have very good oxidation and thermal properties, offer significantly higher wear protection and allow longer replacement intervals.

Easy changeover for an easy start in the future

The biggest advantage of RSC hydraulic oils is that they have unlimited miscibility with mineral oil-based hydraulic oils. The product, which is much better in ecological terms, can replace almost all common hydraulic oils without any problems. This makes the changeover from mineral oil-based hydraulic oils to the biodegradable alternative easy and safe.

Certified environmental awareness

This easily biodegradable hydraulic oil with the descriptive name FUTERRA HF is certified with the ECO label. The PAO base oil is produced on the basis of renewable raw materials and is therefore especially sustainable. With FUTERRA HF from RSC Bio Solutions, Costenoble offers an environmentally-conscious, modern and sensible alternative for hydraulic systems, and not only in environmentally-sensitive areas.


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