Simson ISR 70-11 AP is a high quality elastic adhesive with an extended open time based on Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP). Simson ISR 70-11 AP is suitable for use in high demand applications in transportation or other industrial sectors where cataplasm resistance is required. May also be used in sealing applications Simson ISR 70-11 AP was specifically designed for use in hot/humid conditions (hence, it’s long open time). Due to its high green strength, ISR 70-11 AP will reduce or even eliminate clamping times. Simson ISR 70-11 is free from solvents, isocyanates and silicone making it safer for workers and the environment

Product details

Product Name Bostik
Manufacturer Bostik
Product category Adhesive
Subcategory Silyl-Modified-Polymer
Appearance black
Minimal Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Temperature +110 °C

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