COSTELAN ZipFit is the small, practical helper when you’re on the move. It makes jerking or jammed zips as easy to use as on the first day. Thanks to its unique formulation it leaves no stains and penetrates deep into the teeth of the zip. No matter whether as a zip spray for functional jackets, tents and rucksacks or as a pull-in spray for awnings, awnings and sprayhoods – COSTELAN ZipFit is the handy and effective means of choice. COSTELAN ZipFit is the ideal companion when you are on the move. But COSTELAN ZipFit also becomes an indispensable helper before and after storing sleeping bags, tents, awnings, tarpaulins and sprayhoods. In addition, it is ideally suited as a care product for seals and applications made of rubber and plastic.

Product details

Product Name COSTELAN ZipFit
Manufacturer Costenoble
Product category Oil

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