Futerra HF 100

RSC Futerra™ HF 100 Hydraulic Fluid is the first of its kind. This renewable hydrocarbon EAL is designed to withstand extreme conditions and corrosion while operating in severe outdoor environments. Its excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability and near zero foaming tendency ensure that RSC Futerra™ HF 100 will last much longer than other EALs and conventional oils. RSC Futerra™ HF 100 offers greater flexibility and the ultimate system compatibility Biodegradable (within 28 days): >60 %

Product details

Product Name Futerra HF 100
Manufacturer RSC Bio Solutions
Product category Hydraulic Oil
Subcategory Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil from renewable resources
Base oil PAO from renewable resources
Minimal Temperature '-40 °C
Maximum Temperature 120 °C
ISO Grade 154
NLGI Grade 100
Viscosity at 40°C 100
Viscosity at 100°C 14,9
Density at 20°C 0,89 (15,6 °C, ASTM D1298)
Tropfpunkt '-51 °C
Flash Point 234 °C

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