JAX Halo-Guard FG Series

This series of revolutionary food-grade greases is manufactured with proprietary antiwear chemistry that improves performance over all competitive CSC greases: A newly enhanced calcium sulfonate complex thickener provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying (E.P.) ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control; In addition, JAX® Halo-Guard FG has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance abilities; This technology is combined with a new high viscosity, partial synthetic food-grade base fluid to make JAX® Halo-Guard FG the most effective food-grade grease for heavily-loaded applications; This is a true high-performance, plant-wide foodgrade grease. Note: NZ (Non-Zinc) versions NZ-2 and NZ-LT available upon request. Short version: Outstanding Rust & Corrosion Control; Unsurpassed E.P. and Antiwear Properties; Very Good Compatibility with Most Greases; Excellent High-Temperature Oxidation Stability; Excellent Pumpability Characteristics; Water Washout and Chemical Resistanc

Product details

Product Name JAX Halo-Guard FG Series
Manufacturer JAX INC.
Product category Grease
Subcategory Food Grade
Minimal Temperature Auf Anfrage
Maximum Temperature Auf Anfrage
Viscosity index On request
ISO Grade On request
Tropfpunkt On request
Flash Point On request
Food Grade NSF-H1

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