JAX Magna-Plate 78 and 78E

These fluids are heavy, tackified, E.P. food-grade oils for superb wear protection on overhead chains and conveyors, drip systems, can lid cams, or anywhere a positive antiwear NSF H1-approved lubricant film is needed; Magna-Plate 76 is recommended for automatic oiling systems; Magna-Plate 78 and 78E (Emulsified) provide excellent antiwear performance in Angelus Can Seamers; Provides the ultimate protection for operational and mechanical equipment in a food-processing environment, Contains Micronox®, NSF H1; An E.P. antiwear food-grade lubricant for the chains and conveyors on equipment in a food-processing environment. Aerosol, Trigger Spray, Bulk; JAX®114; Short version: Outstanding Antiwear Protection; FDA Food-Grade Compliant; Excellent Filterability Characteristics; Excellent High-Temperature Oxidation Stability; Superior Rust & Corrosion Protection; Demulsifying for Processes Desiring Water Drop Out (JAX® Magna-Plate 78); Emulsifying for processes with Higher Levels of Sweeteners (Magna-Plate 78E); Greatly Extended Component Life of Lubricated Parts; Reduced Product Contamination Concerns; Food-Grade Status Reduces Product Liability Concerns

Product details

Product Name JAX Magna-Plate 78 and 78E
Manufacturer JAX INC.
Product category Oil
Subcategory Food Grade Chain Oils
Minimal Temperature Auf Anfrage
Maximum Temperature Auf Anfrage
Viscosity index On request
ISO Grade On request
Tropfpunkt On request
Flash Point On request
Food Grade NSF-H1

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