JAX Magna-Plate 8

JAX® Magna-Plate® 8 was the first food-grade grease to achieve USDA H1 certification over 50 years ago. This current version is a third-generation, calcium soap-thickened, food machinery grease incorporating the latest in thickener and additive technology. The water resistance of this grease is achieved through the inherent capabilities of the calcium thickener system itself. JAX® Magna-Plate® 8 has excellent pumpability and flow characteristics. This is particularly valuable in small highspeed bearings where grease flow and optimum oil release are essential for proper lubrication. – High Level Antiwear Performance – Protects Against Rust and Corrosion – Excellent Demulsibility – Micronox® Technology

Product details

Product Name JAX Magna-Plate 8
Manufacturer JAX INC.
Product category Grease
Subcategory Multi purpose food-grade Grease
Minimal Temperature Auf Anfrage
Maximum Temperature On request
Viscosity index On request
ISO Grade On request
Tropfpunkt On request
Flash Point On request

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