JAX Poly-Guard FG-PM

JAX® Poly-Guard® FG-PM is a revolutionary NSF H1 (Incidental Contact) food-grade grease compounded with a state-of-the-art thickener system and carefully selected additive package containing PTFE, providing exceptional mechanical stability, very high loadcarrying ability and excellent rust and corrosion control. The high-temperature performance characteristics and outstanding water resistance makes JAX® Poly-Guard® FG-PM a true food-grade lubricant with the capabilities of providing excellent protection in slow-moving, heavily loaded applications. – Increased High-Temperature Performance – Unsurpassed E.P. and Antiwear Performance – Protects Against Rust and Corrosion – Excellent Water Resistance – Micronox® Technology

Product details

Product Name JAX Poly-Guard FG-PM
Manufacturer JAX INC.
Product category Grease
Subcategory PTFE food-grade E.P. Grease
Minimal Temperature Auf Anfrage
Maximum Temperature Auf Anfrage
Viscosity index On request
ISO Grade On request
Tropfpunkt On request
Flash Point On request
Food Grade NSF-H1

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