JAX Proofer Chain Oil (Aerosol)

JAX® Proofer Chain Oil is specially formulated for lubrication requirements in high humidity environments. This lubricant contains an effective combination of antiwear agents, enhanced rust inhibitors, and polymeric viscosity improvers to provide outstanding performance advantages over noncompounded white oils. It has been formulated to provide extremely high performance on bakery proofer chains and other food-processing equipment in wet or humid environments. – Metal Wetting and Lubrication – Protects Against Rust and Corrosion – Non-Drip Performance – Micronox® Technology

Product details

Product Name JAX Proofer Chain Oil (Aerosol)
Manufacturer JAX INC.
Product category Oil
Minimal Temperature Auf Anfrage
Maximum Temperature Auf Anfrage
Viscosity index On request
ISO Grade On request
Tropfpunkt On request
Flash Point On request
Food Grade NSF-H1

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