Krytox PFPE KS 1220

Krytox™ KS 1220 is a fluorinated oil with a functional end group. It gives the treated surface excellent oil and water repellency and a lower coefficient of friction. The surfaces become smoother and more scratch resistant. Krytox™ KS 1220 is an ideal, easy-to-clean coating for manually stressed surfaces such as touch panel displays and metal housings as well as cover glass or optical lenses. Krytox™ KS 1220 is chemically inert, non-inflammable and non-flammable.

Product details

Product Name Krytox PFPE KS 1221
Manufacturer Chemours
Product category Coating
Subcategory Functional PFPE
Base oil PFPE
Appearance Clear liquid
Minimal Temperature '-10 °C
Maximum Temperature 55 °C
Density at 20°C 1,7

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