MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is a high-quality metal gasket with exceptional resistance in the high temperature range (e.g. exhaust manifold gaskets). MOLYKOTE® D-6900 has micro-sealing properties (meets EURO 6 emission specifications up to 600°C) and prevents the welding of metal/metal combinations at high temperatures. MOLYKOTE® D-6900 has high load carrying capacity, excellent adhesion, low coefficient of friction and high resistance to engine oil and coolants. MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is suitable for coil coating.

Product details

Product Name MOLYKOTE D-6900
Manufacturer DuPont
Product category Anti-Friction-Coating
Subcategory Dry film lubricant for metal seals
Solvent Organic solvent
Minimal Temperature '-60 °C
Maximum Temperature 700 °C

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