Molykote® D-708 is a thermosetting dry lubricant. It ensures clean, attractive surfaces and permanent dry film lubrication. Molykote® D-708 optimizes friction and wear, dampens noise and improves running smoothness. Molykote® D-708 is used in particular in metal / metal and metal / plastic combinations. It dries and hardens quickly, offers a low coefficient of friction and excellent protection against corrosion. Typical uses of Molykote® D-708 are brake clips, springs and washers, door and locking mechanisms, seat and seat belt components, fasteners and pins

Product details

Product Name MOLYKOTE D-708
Manufacturer DuPont
Product category Coating
Subcategory Thermosetting Dry Lubricant
Solvent Molykote L13
Thickener / Solid Lubricant PTFE
Appearance Black
Minimal Temperature -180 °C
Maximum Temperature 240 °C
Load 1.220 N

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