The new MOLYKOTE® P-1042 offers reliable performance with high resistance to water-washout and aggressive fluid emulsions.

Aggressive fluid emulsions are increasingly used in more and more metalworking and manufacturing processes. In clamping devices – such as lathe chucks – lubricants with a high resistance to water washout and reliable tribological performance are therefore required. This is the only way to reduce downtimes and extend relubrication intervals.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 is a light beige grease paste enriched with solid lubricants for sliding surfaces that are exposed to high pressure loads and the influence of water or emulsions. With a patented formula especially for lubrication of clamping devices, MOLYKOTE® P-1042 enables manufacturers to equip lathe chucks with constant clamping force. In addition, MOLYKOTE® P-1042 does not harden during operation.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 at a glance:
– High load capacity
– Excellent resistance to water-washout and metalworking emulsions
– Reliable prevention of tribocorrosion
– Permanent prevention of stick-slip effects
– Excellent protection against cold welding

Product details

Product Name MOLYKOTE P-1042
Manufacturer DuPont
Product category Paste
Base oil Semi-synthetic
Appearance Light beige
Minimal Temperature '- 25 °C
Maximum Temperature 120 °C
Viscosity at 40°C 500
Density at 20°C 1,28

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