MOLYKOTE Polygliss-N

MOLYKOTE® Polygliss-N is an adhesive lubricant for slow to medium speed moving metal/metal pairings, under light to medium loads. MOLYKOTE® Polygliss-N is suitable for use on all types of chains, rails, racks, joints, hinges, etc. MOLYKOTE® Polygliss-N is particularly suitable for use outdoors or in damp conditions. MOLYKOTE® Polygliss-N is lead, nickel and silicone free, offers a wide application temperature range, good adhesion, excellent corrosion protection; and is water resistant.

Product details

Product Name MOLYKOTE Polygliss-N
Manufacturer DuPont
Product category Oil
Subcategory Universal Chain Oil
Base oil Mineral Oil
Additives Corrosion Protection and Bonding Agent
Appearance White-translucent
Minimal Temperature '-30 °C
Maximum Temperature 80 °C
Viscosity at 40°C 26,7 cSt

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