OSIXO Ceramic Glass Protection G

OSIXO® Ceramic Glass Protection G is an air-dried, transparent coating for ceramic tiles, glass surfaces and sanitary installations. It is used to generate easy to clean surfaces. The treatment is stable and can only be removed by abrasive, harsh cleaners or by a very strong lye.

The included fluoropolymer will react with the surface material to create a low surface energy coating which is difficult to wet with liquids.

OSIXO® Ceramic Glass Protection G can be applied by spray coating or dip coating. This product is typically used as a very diluted solution, resulting in a very thin film thickness.
The coating provides a hydrophobic and lipophobic surface that allows simple rinsing away of soils and dirt from the surface. It is highly repellent to water and oils, durable and does not change surface appearance.

Typical Application:
You can apply OSIXO® Ceramic Glass Protection G to any ceramic and glass surfaces at a temperature between 15 to 30 °C to provide smooth, easy to clean surface.

Product details

Product Name OSIXO Ceramic Glass Protection G
Manufacturer Costenoble
Product category Oil
Minimal Temperature '-60 °C

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