OSIXO® HVG is a special grease for vacuum applications. It is not flammable, does not support any form of explosion or ignition and does not have an accelerating effect on fire. OSIXO® HVG retains its lubricating properties even beyond the limits of the operating temperature range of -15 °C to 300 °C without oxidizing. In the standard ASTM tests, no lightning or fire points occurred up to the highest tested temperature of 649 °C. OSIXO® HVG is therefore highly resistant to attack by gaseous or liquid oxygen even under increased temperatures and pressure conditions. OSIXO® HVG is chemically inert, even against highly reactive chemicals such as
– Boiling sulfuric acid
– Fluorine gas at 200 °C
– Chlorine trifluoride at 10 °C to 50 °C
– Uranium hexafluoride at 50 °C
– Liquid sodium or potassium hydroxide at 318 °C – 360 °C
– Hydrogen gas at 250 °C and 250 psi
– Ammonia gas at 250 °C and 50 psi.

Product details

Product Name OSIXO HVG – High Vacuum Grease
Manufacturer Costenoble
Product category Grease

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