Tectyl 120-EH

Tectyl™ 120-EH is a filled, solvent cutback, wax/asphaltic base, thixotropic, corrosion preventive compound. It is suitable for the complete undercoating of undersides of autos, trucks, buses, truck trailers, camp trailers, heavy construction equipment and cargo containers. Estimated Protection Period Indoor: 36 months Outdoor: 21 months

Product details

Product Name Tectyl 120-EH
Manufacturer Valvoline (Tectyl)
Product category Corrosion Protection
Subcategory Underbody Protection
Base oil Bitumen/Wax
Solvent Solvent
Appearance Dark Brown / Bronze
Minimal Temperature 10 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Maximum Temperature 35 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Density at 20°C 1
Flash Point 40 °C

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