Tectyl 3217E

Tectyl™ 3217 E has been specially designed for use as an environmental friendly protector of unfinished metal and industrial finishes. The dry film is tack free and prevents dust build up. It is excellent for use on aluminum and galvanized surfaces as protector. Estimated Protection Period Indoor: 36 months Outdoor: 12 months

Product details

Product Name Tectyl 3217E
Manufacturer Valvoline (Tectyl)
Product category Corrosion Protection
Subcategory General Corrosion Protection
Solvent Water / Solvent
Appearance Clear
Minimal Temperature 10 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Maximum Temperature 35 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Density at 20°C 1,02

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