Tectyl 506-WD

Tectyl™ 506-WD is solvent cutback, wax base, thixotropic, dark amber, water displacing corrosion preventive compound. Tectyl™ 506-WD is the Water Displacing version of Tectyl™ 506. Estimated Protection Period Indoor: 24 months Outdoor: 12 months

Product details

Product Name Tectyl 506-WD
Manufacturer Valvoline (Tectyl)
Product category Corrosion Protection
Subcategory General Corrosion Protection
Base oil Wax
Solvent Solvent
Appearance Amber
Minimal Temperature 10 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Maximum Temperature 35 °C (Lagerung & Anwendung)
Density at 20°C 0,87
Flash Point 40 °C

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