TraSys 414

TraSys® 414 is a high performance water-based release agent for use on moulds with difficult geometries, inserts, mandrels and similar. The white and translucent dispersion impresses with exceptional non-stick properties and low surface friction. The chemically inert, non-smearing film is resistant up to over 2600 C. TraSys® 414 is a high performance release agent with high environmental, quality and safety standards and offers a more than convincing combination of excellent lubricating properties, stability and endurance. TraSys® 414 is a solvent- and silicone-free high-performance fluid and sets standards in quality and performance.

Product details

Product Name TraSys 414
Manufacturer Stoner
Product category Release Agent
Subcategory Release Agent for Rotational Moulding
Base oil Polysiloxan
Solvent Water
Maximum Temperature 135 °C
Burning in 260 °C

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