Xiameter PMX-200

Xiameter® PMX 200 is a universal silicone fluid for a wide range of applications. It is available in many viscosities. The thermally and chemically very stable Xiameter® PMX 200 has good dielectric properties as well as good sealing and non-stick properties. Xiameter® PMX 200 is non-toxic, odourless and has good thermal conductivity. Xiameter® PMX 200 is used as and in carrier fluids, sealant, additive for paints and printing inks, defoamer, heat transfer fluid, PU stabiliser, transformer fluid, gloss and gloss enhancer, hydraulic fluid, release agent, lubricant, plasticizer and surfactant.

Product details

Product Name Xiameter PMX-200
Manufacturer DuPont
Product category Oil
Subcategory Dielectric/Heat-Conducting Oil
Base oil Silicone
Appearance Colourless
Minimal Temperature '-40 °C
Maximum Temperature 200 °C
Viscosity at 20°C Verschiedene

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